Mazecare provides the complete integrated solution for hospitals

Build your own modular
hospital management software

Pick, choose, modify and customize your hospital management system to fit your brand needs.

The Core

The dashboard allows you to have a 360 view over the main information you need to manage your hospital.



How it all comes together with endless combinations and customizations

  • Electronic Medical Health & Patient Records
    Manage patients by listing all their historic medical records and health records. You can also graph all relationships between patients and internal staff.
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  • Admission Digitisation
    Improve productivity for doctors and staff as we digitise, consolidate and process both hopsital admissions and/or pre-authorisation forms in a single interface.
  • Telemedicine
    Telemedicine is to be reflected by tele-consultation and e-prescription, powered by video calls, voice messages, and chat options.
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  • Patient Channel Management
    Capture valuable patient insight and track any metric you need – from source channel performance, demographic profiles, disease trends to top doctors/specialties requested.
  • Appointment Management System
    Manage appointments by scheduling staff with drag & drop calendars.
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  • Queue & Flow Optimisation System
    Minimise patient waiting time & improve capacity utilisation. You can manage patient pathways and cue patients to service stations through our dynamic solution, resulting in shorter patient waiting times and enhanced patient satisfaction.
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  • File Systems and Document Management
    With our advanced document management system, you can store and access any file format with any user.
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  • DICOM Imaging System
    Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine System help with your management of medical imaging and related data.
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  • Pharmacy & Inventory Management
    Manage inventory with complete visibility of existing inventory levels without worrying about supply levels. Whether your needs are ambulatory pharmacy or retail pharmacy, you can customize the inventory management system depending on your scalability and can grow with operations as your service transforms.
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  • Laboratory Testing Management
    Manage laboratory test requests request and test results.
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  • Billing & Payroll Management
    With the full integration of the billing system into our platforms, you can readily manage invoices and payments of patients and staff.
  • Branch Management
    Manage and operate multiple branches, locations and departments.
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  • Security
    Our systems ensure that you adhere to cybersecurity best practices, including data security.
  • APIs (FHIR and more )
    Every feature and module is powered by APIs and uses intercommunication standards such as FHIR.

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