Mazecare provides the complete integrated solution for Insurance Member Portals

An online tool for your Insurance policyholders.

Insurance member portal is a key online self-service that insurance providers provide their policyholders. It enables easier, efficient, and secure way of allowing valued clients to make claims, view history of claims, viewing their policy benefits, as well as searching for doctors covered by their policies.

Key Benefits & Features
Accessibility and Convenience
Policyholders can submit claims, pay claims, and view their recent activities anytime and from any location. Customers no longer need to visit an office. Insurers don't have to process claims manually anymore, allowing them to focus on verifying the legitimacy of claims through the system, and speeding up the claims approval process. Furthermore, digitally stored histories of policyholder's activities accelerate the insurance claim process with the reduction of going through and examining piles of papers.
Automation of filing and submitting claims
Automation of the first step of submitting a claim, greatly increases accuracy of claims when policyholders add photos, geolocations, and other pertinent information for claims. Health providers no longer need to re-enter data in all details vastly increasing the accuracy leading to costs reduction as less time is spent freeing up teams to focus on important task due to improved operational efficiency.
Reduction in Customer Service Costs
The biggest issue is with policyholders requiring assistance when looking for answers, lodging claims or clarifying billing issues. With a self-portal vastly reduces the number of customer support tickets and calls as they can find the answers directly through the portal. Saving in overheads and customer service bills are massive as policyholders increase.
Personalized notifications
Automation of notifications to policyholder regarding their policies, renewals, and changes in their converges through push notifications or direct emails. Policyholders can benefit greatly from using the insurance portal, they can get easy access to their own personal activity feeds, with all notifications and latest up to date information.

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