Mazecare provides the complete integrated solution for Health Provider Patient Portals

An online tool for your patients health.

Patient portal is a key online service that health providers should provide their patients. It enables easier, efficient, and secure way of allowing patients to connect with their health providers to book appointments, take online consultations, make payments and more.

Key Benefits & Features
Efficient Patient Registration and Administrative Tasks
Registration forms can be completed electronically prior to appointment check ins, allowing front office work to be more efficient, patient no longer need to walk in and fill out forms and front office staff can utilize and focus on the patient in front of them and address their questions, allowing the patient to comfortably reach questions of medical nature quickly, translating into cost savings for the practice with reduced administrative work and improved care delivery for patients.
Better Patient Communication
Patients can utilize the portal to accomplish task that would generally require a phone call or multiple phone calls. This ability for patients to directly request appointments, referrals and prescription refills from the portal increases the efficiency of health provider’s staff, allowing for greater focus on patients with urgent needs and questions.
Better Patient-Physician Relationships
With patient portal , patients have 24-hour access to connect with their health provider by reviewing patient health information, asking and answering questions, reviewing notes, making the patient-physician relationship closer than ever.
Patient Symptoms Checker
Patients can get proper doctors recommendations based on our advanced symptoms checker on the patient portal, empowering patients to share the likelihood of having certain conditions, and the urgency of their symptoms and suggested actions and doctors.
Teleconference bookings
Apart from booking consultations at the physical location, Telemedicine (video, call, chat) is also included in the patient portal. As a remote provider service, it can allow specialty practitioners an advantage as they can consult patients in their home environments.
Better Engagement With Educational Content
Educational content posted on patient portal can help make it easy for patient to be more active in their health care. Furthermore, having access to relevant information about their conditions and medications in a single place make it easier than going through pamphlets to get information.

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