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Mazecare provides the complete integrated solution for health insurance claims

Build your own health claim management system

Claim adjudication engine fetches insurance policies and previous approved claims to approve new health claims.


Claim to Verify


Claim Verification Request



Our Health Claim Management Platform ensures that every claim is screened against insurance policies and previous claims. Claims that are flagged as potential problems are included in detailed worklists and carrier specific information. Hours of time is saved in tracking appeals, resubmissions and searching up notes for claims that require additional information. Our Health Claim Platform ensures faster and accurate reimbursement for health providers and issuing of patient bills promptly leaving the insurance company with fewer outstanding pending claims.


How it all comes together with endless combinations and customizations


Our platform utilized a rules-based engine to create Health Policies that include conditions, limits, cost-sharing parameters, and more.

Multiple policies

Our Health Claim Platform ensures that you can work with multiple policies or single policies.

Tracking Claims

Easily keep track of claims that have been submitted along with the outstanding benefits amounts, limits.

Claims Screening

Our platform analyses the data and detects and flags any over-treatment and overutilization to avoid additional costs from incurring. We can easily help you avoid overmedication problems and protect you against fraudulent claims.

Payment Agreements

Create cashless / co-payment flows with health providers

Contracts Management

Manage contracts between provider and payor

Connectivity with APIs

Powered by APIs , the ultimate business tool, we can also connect to any internal systems that you may have.

Multiple Devices

Deployable anywhere, any platform, on the cloud or on premises

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