Mazecare provides the complete integrated solution for patients and members

Mazecare's patient/member portal

Get healthcare services at your fingertips. Manage insurance and make claims easily.

Avail medical services, consult doctors, manage insurance and find healthcare providers all at one place.



The patient portal provides a range of healthcare services.

  • Symptom Search
    Get health recommendations by following easy steps such as providing symptoms and answering a few questions.
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  • Offline Consultation
    Find the right doctor in your area for your medical needs and make an appointment using a few easy steps.
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  • Online Consultation
    Use video calling to talk to a doctor instantly or book an online consultation for later.
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  • Buy Medicine
    Search for medicines, order them online and get them delivered right to your home.
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  • Insurance
    Have insurance services like making and managing claims, checking coverages and more at your convenience.
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  • Medical services
    Avail health services like laboratory tests, medical checkups, immunization, vaccination, and much more.
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  • Healthcare Providers
    Find healthcare providers near you and book medical services with them.
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  • Online Prescription
    Get prescription online instantly after consultation and use it to purchase medicine.

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