Mazecare provides the complete integrated solution for payors

Build your own modular
payor software

Pick, choose, modify and customize your payor system to fit your brand needs.

The Core

The dashboard allows you to have a 360 view over the main information you need to manage your payor system.



How it all comes together with endless combinations and customizations

  • Insurance Networks
    Create your insurance networks and add health providers/doctors. Set your primary care physicians and create health provider contracts with max tariffs and allowed amounts per item.
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  • Insurance Plan Builder
    Create insurance plans, attach networks, define benefits, conditions and map conditions to benefits. We supports individual plans, employer sponsored plans, employee benefits, fully insured or self insured/administrative service only (ASO), optional benefits, deductibles, co-pay/co-insurance, max approved per claim, max out of pocket, per disability, age limits, gender limits and more.
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  • Insurance Policy
    Issue insurance policies from insurance plans and define policy holders, insureds and dependents, policy parameters and options.
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  • Visits / Encounters Management
    Allow connectivity with health providers (via APIs or login in the payor system). Handle eligibility checks and pre-authorizations. Be in constant communication with providers and check with them which expenses are claimable.
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  • Claim Management
    Allows creation and management of claims. Check remaining benefits of an insurance policy.
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  • Claim Adjudication
    Adjudicate claims automatically, semi-manually or manually and calculate approved amount and excess amount, per expense and for the entire claim.
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  • Claim Settlement
    Manage the payment of the claims from payor to patient / member.
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